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How to polish garden scissors dull

A netizen asked: Garden scissors have become blunt. I would like to ask how to sharpen them without damaging the scissors and making them sharp?

Expert reply: It is best to use natural fine grindstone or oil grindstone to polish garden scissors. The specific steps are as follows:

First of all, the flat side of the scissors can be flattened a few times! Be sure to grind it horizontally! Make it a horizontal surface!

Secondly, the blade face of the bevel must be sharpened at a fixed angle of the bevel and cannot be moved randomly, otherwise the scissors will not be sharpened! This will take a certain time to master the skills! Then wash and grind the bevel with water! The surface forms a cutting edge!

Next, pay attention to the angle of the two cutting surfaces of the scissors! Need to adjust the fixed screw! If there is no screw, use a hammer to gently hammer the center anchor! Adjust the distance to about 0.3 to 0.5 mm! (If the distance is large, then Use a hammer to slowly tap the iron to adjust. If the distance is small, place the scissors on the open jaws, put the anchor of the scissors in the jaws, and slowly tap the iron to adjust with a hammer). This must be adjusted properly, otherwise the sharpening of the scissors will be useless!

Finally, cut the scissors with your hand, you can hear the neat cutting "swish" sound! That's it!